About Watchdogzz - St.Albert, Alberta

About WatchDogzz

WatchDogzz was created from the love of all things furry. We are located and  service the St. Albert, Alberta area. As pet parents, we understand that it is very difficult to leave our furry family behind when you travel or are at work.  Pet parents know all their pets are unique and have individual needs and concerns.  We will meet with you and your pet, go through a detailed list of all your requirements, and tailor our visits so that  your pet is stress-free and cared for in their own environment. 

WatchDogzz offer pet sitting, dog sitting and cat sitting services. As pet sitters, and professional house sitter, our services are second to none, and we are a leader in this industry., we 

Thinking of going on vacation and need someone to check up on your home? As a former insurer advisor it was apparent that there was a need to have reliable, professional people to look after homes while clients were away. Consistent, and timely care is needed to satisfy insurance requirements, and to give the homeowner  peace of mind .


Knowing that your home is being looked after is one less thing for you to worry about, just like someone right nextdoor to you, nextdoor house sitting, we are here to help. 

We offer also offer cat sitting, pet sitting (dogs cats) and house sitting services in St. Albert, Alberta

We do not offer overnight stays ,dog boarding, dog training or cat training.

Watchdogzz is licensed, bonded and Insured in St Albert AB