Cat Sitting Services

Cats are the most interesting pets!  Every one of them is so unique.  A lot of people feel that cats can be alone for days on end, but we have found that may not apply to every  cat. . They can definitely have food and water at their disposal, but they get lonely as well.  Not to mention, your fur babies, they can get themselves in the most precarious positions, so it is a good idea to have them checked on when their owners are away.  As pet owners know, to find pet sitters can be a full time job. Pet sitting and pet care is what we do. Watchdogzz offers years of experience as we love all animals.


We meet with our clients, and create a checklist.  Where the food is, amount required, daily needs, location of litter boxes, hiding spots  etc.  We also take down names information about veterinarians, close contacts, and cell numbers..  Nothing is left to chance.  Then on our visits we go through our checklists and make sure all their needs are met.  If the cat is more extroverted we sit with them and have a good chat, scratch, cuddle.  If the cat is a little more shy we do search in all the usual hiding spots, and try to find our little furry client.  If our search is unsuccessful we monitor the litter box , food and water very closely to ensure they are eating and drinking well. 


We really do our very best to have  contact with  our little client, but some of our little clients are pretty elusive.  At the end of each drop in visit,  a text is sent to let you know how this visit went, and how your little furbaby is doing.

As a trusted pet sitter, and animal lovers ,we offer peace of mind,  offering cat sitters near me, and cat sitting in St Albert . 


We offer dog sittingcat sitting and house sitting services in St. Albert, Alberta

Overnight stays are assessed on an individual basis.

Watchdogzz is licensed, bonded and insured.