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Dog Sitting Services

Man's (and women's) best friend!  Your sweet little furbaby deserves the very best, and at Watchdogzz that is exactly what they will receive. We love all animals.  As pet owners know, finding  pet sitters can be a full time job. Pet sitting and pet care is what we do.


We  meet the client and get to know the dog before any home visits start.  We go over all their needs and routines. There are no two dogs alike, and therefore we tailor our visits to meet their specific needs.


Once we establish what care is required, times, dates, feeding, etc, we fill out a contract, exchange keys and codes, and then the fun begins!  Nothing more satisfying that meeting that special little fur baby at the door. 


We carefully go through our checklists (made during the initial visit) of where food is located, if medication is required, even their favorite place to go outdoors.  Nothing is left to chance.  We take down names of veterinarians, close family members, cell numbers, anything that is needed to ensure we can contact the client  and  if need be, get care asap.  This is a very unlikely occurrence, but nonetheless a necessary one. 


So, after all that we feed our little furry client, make sure they are eating, drinking, going to the bathroom etc, and then we PLAY and CUDDLE, and if your furbaby is not a player or a cuddler, we can just spend time doing whatever  makes them feel comfortable.   


If walking dogs is requested,  we can do that as well.  The goal is  to allow the dog to be as stress-free as possible.  We find that is a lot more likely if they can be cared for in their own homes.  We try not to deviate from their regular routine so the transition from owner to Watchdogzz caregiver is as smooth as it can possibly be. 


We truly care about the well being of each and every furry client , and they  are treated as if they were our very own. . All steps are taken to ensure their comfort and care, so you can rest and have a worry free vacation, or if you are having your dog cared for while you are at work, rest assured, you will come home to a happy little furbaby. At the end of each visit a text is sent to let you know we were there, and how the dog is doing.

Trusted pet sitters, and  animal lovers  offering dog sitter services  in St Albert.

We offer also offer cat sitting, pet sitting  and house sitting  services in St. Albert, Alberta

Overnight stays are assessed on an individual basis.

Watchdogzz is licensed, bonded and Insured in St Albert AB

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